20. 6. 2014


Tremendously successful Free concert series
at Bohemian Hall recreates intimacy of house concert

New York, NY, (June 18, 2014) – The Czech Center New York is proud to announce the season finale of the “Sounds of Serendipity” contemporary Classical music concerts on Friday June 27 at 7pm at the Bohemian National Hall. Sounds of Serendipity, an intimate and casual concert series curated by longtime New Yorker and world-class composer Peter Breiner. These free concerts, known as “Soofser” for short (Sounds of Serendipity), feature new and emerging composers and performers with a unique connection to both Peter and Czech musical culture.

Soofser was started as an expansion of Breiner’s personal house concerts at his studio loft in Manhattan. When performances and attendance started to outgrow the space available, the Czech Center offered Bohemian National Hall to host the series.

“I am immensely gratified to see this little get-together mature into something more,” Breiner said. “Since January, the attendance has been astounding. It shows there is a great appetite for contemporary classical music in New York.”

The theme of this month’s concert is “Bass Based” and will feature pieces by David Anderson, Juana Aquerreta, Petros Klampanis, Greg Bartholomew, Jay Vilnai, Moira Lo Bianco, and of course Peter Breiner.

“What is especially exciting about this month’s performers,” said Sasha Santiago, executive producer of Soofser, “is that we’ve gathered an entire evening of young musicians. In fact, many of Soofser performers are still in school, and some are just recent graduates.”

Admission is free and reservations are not required. Bohemian National Hall is located at 321 E. 73rd Street, between 1st and 2nd Ave in Manhattan. More information is at soofser.com, the Czech Center NY website, or by calling the Czech Center at 646-422-3399.

David Anderson                                            Seven Double Bass Duets                                                                        
                                                                        I. Kibbles & Kibitz
                                                                        II. Parade of the Politically Prudent Pigs
                                                                        III. Rush Hour 
                                                                        IV. Schgweik Fahrt 
                                                                        V. Lament
                                                                        VI. Blew Cheeze
                                                                        VII. Gustav’s 11 O’Clock Dance
                                                                        Emilio Guarino, Dan Merriman, bass

Juana Aquerreta                                           Three Songs on poetry by Borges                                                    
                                                                        Poesia de la luna
                                                                        Tu dimension
                                                                        El Aleph
                                                                        Juana Aquerreta, vocal
                                                                        Moira Lo Blanco, piano

Peter Breiner                                                 Variations on a theme by W. A. Mozart for piano                                   
                                                                        Peter Fancovic, piano

Petros Klampanis                                          Minor Dispute                                                                                         
                                                                        Monkey Business
                                                                        Petros Klampanis' CONTEXTUAL
                                                                        Petros Klampanis, bass
                                                                        Glenn Zaleski, piano
                                                                        John Hadfield, percussion
                                                                        Maria Im, Eylem Basaldi, violin
                                                                        Peter Kiral, viola
                                                                        Colin Stokes, cello


Greg Bartholomew                                        Chesapeake Gambol for solo tuba                                                     
                                                                        (World Premiere)
                                                                        Ben Vokits, tuba
                                                                        Diamond Jubilee for solo cello                                                                        
                                                                        (World Premiere)
                                                                        Colin Stokes, cello

Jay Vilnai                                                       Furies for clarinet, violin and piano                                                   
                                                                        (World Premiere)
                                                                        Audrey Lo, violin
                                                                        Yi-Chuan Chen, clarinet
                                                                        Emile Blondel, piano

Moira Lo Blanco                                          Sogno d'Amore: Hamartema, Lunaria
                                                                       Moira Lo Bianco, piano
                                                                       Petros Klampanis, bass

Peter Breiner                                                 Oddavac me budu / They'll give me away                                                      
                                                                        Vravela mi moja mati / My Mother Told Me                                    
                                                                        from Slovak Dances                                                                       
                                                                        Peter Breiner, piano
                                                                        Filip Pogady, Violin
                                                                        Elizabeth Mingie Kim, cello

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