16. 4. 2014


Czech Center New York presents "Sounds of Serendipity," a casual and intimate concert series curated by the Slovak-American composer/conductor Peter Breiner. The free concerts, known as Soofser for short (Sounds of Serendipity), feature new and emerging composers and performers with a strong connection to musical tradition and Czech musical culture.

Sounds of Serendipity's origin as a series of house concerts is reflected in the casual atmosphere and intimate seating format. Audience members may even enjoy refreshments during the concert.

Jozef Suk                                                     Piano Quartet in a minor, Op. 1                                                     

                                                                    Nicholas Pappone, violin
                                                                    Adam Matthes, viola
                                                                    Hyung Suk Bae, cello
                                                                    Candace Chien, piano

Milena Zhivotovskaya                                   Three Preludes for Piano                                                     
                                                                     Milena Zhivotovskaya, piano

Mieczyslaw Weinberg                                   Sonata for Clarinet and Piano
                                                                     Duo Ephelia                                                                       
                                                                     Amy Glover, Clarinet
                                                                     Milena Zhivotovskaya, piano


Leoš Janáček                                                Moravian Folk Poetry in Songs                                   
                                                                     Komu kytka
                                                                     Koníčky milého
                                                                     Yumi Tomsha, mezzo-soprano
                                                                     Shawn Chang, piano

Eliška Cílková                                                Rural Landscapes
                                                                     for  Clarinet, Violin and Piano                                                     
                                                                     Nicholas Pappone, violin
                                                                     Anna Royzman, piano
                                                                     Ed Matthew, clarinet
                                                                     WORLD PREMIERE

Shawn Chang                                                No Better Gift for Soprano and Piano                                   
                                                                      Jamie Jordon, soprano
                                                                      Shawn Chang, piano
                                                                      WORLD PREMIERE

Erwin Schulhoff                                              Duo for Violin and Cello                                                                       
                                                                      Natalia Lipkina,, violin
                                                                      Miho Zaitsu ,cello

Antonín Dvořák                                              Prsten from Moravské dvojzpěvy                                   
                                                                      Jamie Jordan, soprano
                                                                      Yumi Tomsha, mezzo-soprano
                                                                      Shawn Chang, piano

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