13. 1. 2014

Sounds of Serendipity

New Concert Series of New Music


on January 31st at the Czech Center in New York

musicians/composers wishing to participate in future soofsers apply here

to be a part of the audience please become a member of soofser group (free)
Curated and introduced by Peter Breiner 
 Produced by Sasha Santiago and Czech Center NYC

Shawn Chang                                Cortege for 3 examiners                                                     
                                                            I. Cortege (the Examiner's March)
                                                            II. Migrants, and the Sunlight Vessel
                                                            III. Obli20us
                                                            IV. Exa_Iner
                                                            V. In Seven Days!
                                                            VI. New Basin
                                                            VII. Cortege (the Three-Prong Path)
                                                            Elisabeth Kim, Cello
                                                            Paolo Maliksi, Cello
                                                            Brian Sanders, Cello
Sean Hickey                                    Longitude for Viola and Piano
                                                             Anne Lanzilotti, viola
                                                             Juan Carlos Fernández Nieto , piano

Gideon Klein                                  Duo for Violin and Cello (1941)
(1919-1945)                                         Natasha Lipkina, violin                 
                                                              Miho Zaitsu, cello
Leoš Janáček                                   Sonata for Violin and Piano
                                                              Natasha Lipkina, violin
                                                              Victoria Mushkatkol, piano


Pierre Boulez                                Notations
                                                            Nathaniel LaNasa, piano                 

Atanas Ourkouzounov              Tanzologia                                                                                                                                                                  
                                                            I. Contempotango
                                                            II. Valse-Slave
                                                            III. Bulgarian Rock
                                                            Duo Anova
                                                            Kenji Haba, Guitar
                                                            Susan Mandel, Cello

Tania Stavreva                             Rhythmic Movement in 7/8 (2012)
Alexander Vladigerov               Variations on a Bulgarian Song "Dilmano, DilberoOp.2 (1954)
Pancho Vladigerov                     Ratchenitza op.29, No.6 in 7/16 (1934)
(1899-1978)                                      Mouvement rythmique op. 37, No.6 in 9/8 (1942)  
                                                            Tania Stavreva, piano                                                                                                                         

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