5. 3. 2014

Sounds of Serendipity #2

New Concert Series of New Music


on March 11th at the Czech Center in New York

musicians/composers wishing to participate in future soofsers apply here

to be a part of the audience please become a member of soofser group (free)
Curated and introduced by Peter Breiner 
 Produced by Sasha Santiago and Czech Center NYC

Marshall Coid                                     Two Songs for Countertenor and Piano                                                     
                                                                A Beckett Song (Text by Samuel Beckett)
                                                                Snow Song (Japanese Haiku, translated by Kenneth Roxroth)
                                                                           Marshall Coid, countertenor
                                                                           Elena Belli, piano

Antonín Dvořák                                  Rondo G minor, op. 94 for Cello and Piano
                                                                           Ivan Luza, cello
                                                                           Peter Breiner, piano

Peter Breiner                                       Quiet Hommage to my Great-Grandfather
                                                                 for Oboe, Violin, Cello and Piano
Peter Breiner                                       Magic Garden of Casual Delights
                                                                 for Oboe, Violin, Cello and Piano
                                                                        Maria Im, violin                 
                                                                        Elizabeth "Mingie" Kim, cello                 
                                                                        Scott Bartucca, oboe
                                                                        Peter Breiner, piano

Malcolm Arnold                                  Fantasy for Oboe solo
                                                                        Scott Bartucca, oboe
Benjamin Britten                                 Be Kind and Corteous from Midsummer Night's Dream

Gian Carlo Menotti                             Hello! Oh, Margaret, it's you! from The Telephone
                                                                        Madison Marie McIntosh, soprano
                                                                        Keith Chambers, piano


Juraj Filas                                               No Comment for Brass Quintet

Witold Lutoslawski                               Mini Ouverture
                                                                        Nautilus Brass Quintett
                                                                        Walker Beard, trumpet
                                                                        Stephen Lyons, trumpet
                                                                        Julia Cavagnaro, horn
                                                                        Jeremy Loudon, trombone
                                                                        Matt Brown, tuba

Joseph Kolkovich                                  Bits and Pieces for Piano
                                                                    Cryptogram from Orion                 
                                                                        Nathaniel LaNasa, piano

Béla Bartók                                            Six Romanian Folk Dances (1915)                   
                                                                       Elizabeth "Mingie" Kim, cello
                                                                       Ivan Luza, cello

Peter Breiner, Matt Brown                  Elvis Concerto Grosso
                                                                        Nautilus Brass Quintett

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